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A new season means here at KbE we are on the lookout for the latest design trends. White cabinets, marble inspired countertops and the “Fixer Upper” farmhouse style still look to be ever present this year but we are seeing a fun concept begin to gain popularity; pet friendly design. According to the American Pet Products Association, 68% of households have pets. This growing statistic has directly affected interior design trends. Pet owners are asking to incorporate practical solutions in their home for their furry family members.

Let’s face it, our animals are a part of our family and we want them to have the comforts we have. No one knows this better than Animal Planet’s host of Animal Cribs, Antonio Ballatore.  This reality star and pet lover is renovating homes with the sole purpose of providing a functional and enjoyable space for animals. Without spoiling the episodes to our readers who have not seen Animal Cribs yet, you will see mini dog pools, inventive reptile housing, stylish cat walks and so much more.

One of the most popular requests in the industry is a pet washing station; often times incorporated into a mud room/ laundry room space. Homeowners, especially dog parents, are seeking an easy to use station that eliminates the frequent trips to the local pet shop. Majority of these stations are installed with tiled surfaces to help the ease of cleanup.  With a great shower head and a nice smooth surface, hair and dirt easily wash down the drain.

Now that bath time has finished up, it’s time for a snack. At our clients’ request, we are beginning to incorporate pet friendly accessories in our kitchen cabinet designs. Waste basket pullouts also double as pet food storage. Bottom drawers and toe kick drawers are popular places for food and water dishes. When not in use, they are easily tucked away until the next meal. Hidden pet storage in the kitchen or in a mud room are becoming essential necessities.

With their bellies full, a nap is certainly in order. Recently our team incorporated an open cabinet in an island as an under-counter spot for pet beds. Away from foot traffic, your cat or dog can curl up in a comfy space to rest after their bath. Another way to use cabinetry to our pet’s advantage is by creating a bench seat under a window. Despite what kind of pet you have, they all love spying on the neighbors and checking out who’s who.

Among the new trends coming our way this year, we certainly cannot say that we are disappointed that our furry friends are making their presence known in the design industry.