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People always say your bedroom is your sanctuary, but we believe your bathroom should be as well. Creating a bathroom space that you can enjoy is important to every homeowner. There are certain modern bathroom essentials that not only add some luxury to your design but also bring some convenience to your everyday life. 

With our help, you can start thinking of your bathroom as a spa-like retreat. In this blog, we’ll share some master bathroom ideas that are guaranteed to add more value to your home and eliminate stress. 

4 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

From sinks to showers and counters to closets, the opportunities are endless when it comes to remodeling your master bathroom. Below, we’ve laid out 4 main ideas you can use to bring your bathroom to the next level along with a few ways to bring your ideas to life. 

1. Spruce Up Your Sink & Vanity Area

A bathroom facelift isn’t only about making your space more attractive, it’s also about convenience. When installing bathroom updates, you want to think about how you can make your life easier while also creating a space you love. 

Whether it’s simply getting ready for the day or primping for a special event, updating your sink and vanity areas allows you to add a little luxury to your routine. Below, we’ve listed a few ideas you can use to start your list of master bathroom must-haves.

  • Double Sinks– Sharing a sink and counter space can get hectic. This is why this feature is especially beneficial if you’re sharing your master bathroom with someone. Installing a second sink allows you to have more counter space and gives each person an opportunity to personalize their side of the sink. 
  • Integrated LED Vanity Lighting– Finding the perfect lighting in your bathroom can be difficult. We’ve all struggled with the harsh shadows and highlights that fall on our faces as we prepare to get ready for the day. Installing a mirror that has integrated and adjustable LED lights allows you to get the perfect light any time of day or night. 
  • Touchless Faucets– People are turning to technology to make their bathroom faucets more efficient. Many faucet manufacturers are now offering multiple faucet designs and styles that are controlled without a handle. Most designs have built-in LED lights at the base of the faucet which control the water temperature. 

Luxury master bathroom with double sinks

2. Elevate Your Bathing Experience

Whether you’re washing off the dirt from your daily activities, or you’re taking some time to unwind, you should be able to enjoy your bathing experience. This is why people are beginning to embrace turning their bathrooms into an at-home spa-like experience. 

If you’re searching for master bathroom must-haves, you can’t overlook your shower and tub. When it comes to luxury bathroom features you can get creative with your remodeling choices. Below, we’ve given you some shower and tub options you can use as inspiration.

  • Open shower– An open shower is simply a shower space without doors or curtains. This design is bold and untraditional but it provides a modern bathroom style that many people are warming up to. The open shower design allows you to create a more spacious and sleek look. It also requires less cleaning and maintenance as well as the option to be fully customizable.
  • Free-Standing Tub– Having a separate tub for soaking and relaxing is essential to creating a spa-like experience. A free-standing tub is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very practical. Coming in a variety of sizes and materials, you can find the perfect tub to match your interior design style
  • Steam Room or Steam Shower– People love taking advantage of a steam room or shower in spas or gyms, but adding one in your home grants you a new level of privacy and convenience. Not only are these features a soothing way to unwind after a long day or hard workout, but they also have numerous health benefits

Modern master bathroom with free standing tub

3. Splurge on Your Surfaces

In order to truly enjoy your bathroom space, you need to find the perfect balance between comfort and appearance. As you determine what your master bathroom must-haves entail, don’t forget to consider your surfaces. 

Floors and countertops play a big role in creating stunning bathrooms, but you also want to keep cleaning and maintenance to a minimum. Below, we’ve compiled some ideas that will bring the look and feel of luxury to your bathroom space, while still keeping your cleaning tasks in mind. 

  • In-Floor Radiant Heat– Nothing says luxury like keeping your bare feet warm on a cool floor. Since most bathrooms have wooden or tiled floors, they’re often colder than we would like, making the relaxing experience much harder to attain. Installing in-floor radiant heating can be beneficial to your design because it gives you the comfort of warmth all year round, no matter what your floor is made of.
  • Countertop Materials– When debating on countertop materials, you’ll want something aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to wipe down and able to withstand being wet. Materials such as quartz, granite, and marble have become increasingly popular for bathrooms. This isn’t just because of their trending looks, but they each offer different advantages when it comes to durability and quality.
  • Floor Materials– Your bathroom floor is probably going to get wet, and dirty and essentially need to be cleaned from time to time. That being said, whether you want a natural-looking vinyl wood or a sleek white tile, there are ways you can incorporate trending bathroom flooring options while also choosing a material that is practical.  

Luxury master bathroom remodel

4. Get Creative With Your Closets

Our list of master bathroom must-haves wouldn’t be complete without thinking of your closet space. If you have a larger bathroom area you may want to consider taking advantage of any extra space. Below, we’ve listed ways you can incorporate two types of luxury closets into your master bathroom design layout

  • Separate Water ClosetThe concept of a separate water closet is fairly new to the bathroom remodeling industry but has grown to be one of the most wanted additions to a master bathroom. This type of closet allows your toilet area to be sectioned off from the rest of your bathroom space. Best described as an upscale bathroom stall, these water closets offer privacy and cleanliness to your bathroom.
  • Walk-In ClosetCreating a walk-in closet in your master bathroom is an innovative way to add value to your home. Walk-in closets allow you to have more space to store your belongings, and attaching them to your bathroom brings a new level of convenience.

Not only will it free up room in your bedroom, but it will make getting ready for the day an easier and quicker process. Customizing your walk-in closet also offers the opportunity to create a serene sitting area where you can relax, adding to your spa-like experience. 

Every room in your home should be somewhere you can enjoy spending your time, and that includes your bathroom. When creating or remodeling your master bathroom, it’s important that it not only shares your style, but it also answers your needs. 

Modern master bathroom with hanging vanity mirrors

Turn your bathroom into a personal spa-like sanctuary today. Contact us to see how our team can help bring your vision to life!