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Did you ever think you could look inside your refrigerator with an app on your phone? Or preheat your oven when you are a couple of miles away? These are just a few examples of the ways technology has re-shaped the way we live in our homes. From appliances to HVAC and even lighting, there are dozens of brands on the market conscious of the way Bluetooth technology is impacting our lives. Just like when the internet first came out and skeptics thought it was just a trend; integrating features in your space to create a Smart Home is not going anywhere.

Appliance brands such as Samsung and LG have introduced technology into their large kitchen appliances and have set the standard for other brands to follow. The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator has a digital screen on the exterior of the door that is linked with your phone. Bluetooth technology allows your family to play music, share photos, check your calendar, and even leave notes for other members living in your home. Most appliances allow you to monitor the temperature of the appliance via an app on your mobile devices. Not only is this feature helpful for busy families on the go it is also helpful for accessible living. People with limited mobility can easily turn on and off their range, hood, and dishwasher with a click of a bottom on their screen.

The same goes for thermostats and even doorbells. In the last five years, HVAC vendors have partnered with tech savvy gurus to create a more user-friendly interface on their thermostats. Again, apps on your devices allow you to adjust your home’s temperature wherever you are. Smart Home technology allows you to control every aspect of your home. Doors bells are no exception. Ring is one of the most popular smart doorbell systems on the market. You can easily see who is at your front door without even getting off the couch. Ring as well as other systems, have a recording feature that allows the homeowner to watch videos of activity going on in their front yard. Viral videos have spread across the internet of good deeds done by delivery drivers captured on a smart home doorbell system.

Smart living is meant to benefit all aspects of your home life, safety included. Interior and exterior lights are a prime example. Will light switches be a thing of the past? In the traditional sense, yes. We will begin to integrate smart switches into our homes and control everything by our devices. In our next blog, we will talk exclusively about how the lighting industry has completely changed with the introduction of Bluetooth technology. Undercabinet lighting, in cabinet lighting, overhead lighting and so much more drastically impact the overall function of our spaces.

There are proven benefits to all these smart additions to your home. Embrace the modern age and see how you can streamline your everyday routine.