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No matter where you live, spring looks a bit different this year. For the majority of us, we are home now more than ever; balancing the many roles our sanctuary has become. Our homes have become our children’s classroom, a gym, an art studio, our office space and so much more. How can we maintain our houses throughout these many role changes without losing our sanity? We say start by a little spring cleaning!

If you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands, why not tackle some of those items that often times can be overlooked?  Clean the dreaded ceiling fan blades and shake the winter dirt off those area rugs. This is a great time to scrub the grout lines in your shower and deep clean your appliances. On those beautiful spring days, get outside and clean out your garden beds, organize your sheds, get on your ladder and clean out your gutters. Starting with a clean canvas can help prepare you for some of our remaining tips.

Get organized! While so many donation centers are currently closed, utilize this time to sort through unwanted items and store them until those centers reopen.  Reduce the number of extra items you have. Do you need twenty bath towels in a household of two? Are those Tupperware containers that are missing lids taking up extra space in your cabinets? Downsize excess and organize what is left. Many online vendors are still shipping organizational products. Vanity drawer inserts are great for all of our miscellaneous hair care products. Tiered wire shelving inserts inside of kitchen cabinets help maximize interior storage as well as removing items off of our countertops. Even if organization is not your strength, a few changes will make a huge difference to the way you and your family live in your home.

Specify areas! Defining spaces in your home for their purpose will help create a more productive environment. If your profession allows you to work from home, set up a home office that has natural light and is inspiring to you. When the work day is over, close down your space and move on to the next task on your agenda. Set up a designated classroom space for the kids to learn during school hours. Assigning spaces that mimic our normal routines help to keep balance in the home.

We are all doing the best we can! Our home is now where we spend most of our time day in and day out. Spring cleaning, organizing and setting up designated active areas are greats ways to kick off the season and bring order and normalcy back to our homes.