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‘Tis the season for celebrating the holidays with friends and family! Are you hosting this year? Or maybe it’s your turn to bring a side dish. Whatever it is, we want to make sure you are prepared.

Here at KbE we interact with all kinds of clients with various cooking abilities. Whether your strength is baking or cooking, a mix of the two, or even none of the above, we want to share some smart user-friendly appliances that can make prepping for the holidays easier.

As “smart home” technology advances in the design world so are other aspects of this industry; appliances being one of them. We have all seen the “knock-knock” refrigerator commercial and the scene that shares the image of the inside of our fridge. Kitchen appliances are evolving with our tech-savvy lifestyles. Brands such as Miele and Wolf have introduced cooking products that are much more suited to our ever-busy daily routines. Products such as the Speed Oven vs Steam Oven are gaining in popularity and are replacing the need for other appliances.

As Speed Oven vs Steam Oven are becoming more talked about, we think it is important to share the benefits these have on functional design and lifestyle.

The Speed Oven can also serve as a microwave, eliminating the need to include a microwave in the space. If there is a range present in the design, the client is now gaining the same functionality of having two ovens that take up much less space than traditional double ovens. Speed ovens are also a time saver! Depending on what brand you choose, there are upgraded models that can walk you through, step by step, exactly how to prepare your dish.

Steam Ovens are very similar in that they too, can take the place of an oven, however not the microwave. Some brands use only steam while others offer steam and convection. Adding moisture to your food is a healthy and more flavorful way to cook. Many manufacturers offer classes on how to use your new appliances to ensure you are comfortable cooking at home. Since these ovens are fairly new to the market, we suggest checking with your local appliance store when learning about them. These appliances can save you time, energy, and even leftovers!

Using a steam oven and a speed oven requires a little bit of trial and error in the beginning but we assure you that they are well worth it. Take a peek at some of our favorite recipes, meatball and baked mac and cheese, perfected in the Speed and Steam Oven and imagine how your holiday season could be simplified by introducing these new types of appliances into your home.

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