If you have ever bought or sold a home, you are probably familiar with the reality that updated kitchens and bathrooms add value to your home and typically will help your home sell much more quickly. Embarking on a remodel of any kind can be very daunting, especially a bathroom remodel. Though bathrooms are typically smaller than kitchens, there are still just as many decisions and details to be discussed with your design and build team. One of these details being the budget. Make sure you are setting realistic expectations for your budget and be sure not to exceed what you are comfortable with spending.

                These percentages below will help you build this budget and provide a better understanding of where your investment is allocated in each phase of the project.

·         25-30% Labor – This is the largest portion of your budget and most of it you will not be able to actually see when the space is complete. Depending on your existing configuration and the extent of what is changing in your space, this number reflects demolition, plumbing, additional mechanicals, and installation of all the fixtures that will need to be purchased for this space.

·         15% Plumbing Fixtures – Your space is filled with plumbing fixtures including showerheads, vanity faucets, sinks, shower doors, toilets, etc. Due to the nature of the room, plumbing fixtures will also take up a significant portion of your budget. Adding jets and additional showerheads in your shower will not only increase your fixture percentage but also your labor.

·         15% Electrical/Ventilation – Most outdated spaces do not have enough lighting and very poor ventilation. The more light the better, especially in a bathroom space as we prepare for each day. Also, proper ventilation to the outside will reduce the risk of any mold spores growing in your walls

·         15-20% Tile & Flooring – Depending on your design, the shower surround will directly impact the amount you spend in this category. Tile surrounds with recessed storage niches and tiled shower floors will cost more than a fiberglass surround. Make smart decisions about the types of materials you are comfortable with cleaning when selecting finishes in your bathroom.

·         10-15% Cabinetry & Countertops – Today, we are seeing more built-in cabinetry in bathrooms than ever before. Linen closets and additional storage are making their way into these areas to create more customized spaces for growing families.

·         10% Paint, Miscellaneous Accessories & Contingency – Bathroom walls have a reputation for hiding unforeseen issues. Mold is the most common change order; be sure to set a portion of your budget aside for the unknowns.

Do not forget to enjoy this process! Just like your kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in your home and should reflect your home’s style and personal tastes.