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Minimalism has swept the country in a raging trend sprouted by the Tiny House movement and Netflix Series such as Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. From millennials to baby boomers, millions of people have embraced the minimalist trend and have begun asking themselves if items that they have own for years “spark joy” in their current lives.

    Decluttering is often most successful when paired with its mate, organization. If you have been into our showroom recently, you would have noticed our new closet display, thanks to our team at Victory Closets. We have transformed a tight space into a fully functioning closet for our clients to envision in their own homes. Victory Closets is a franchised partner with the KbE Team owned by KbE’s President Aaron Riddle. Hearing an organizational need from KbE’s clients that was affordable, versatile and stylish, led Aaron on a search for a product his team could stand behind.

Victory Closets is an organizational system that is unlike any of its kind on the market today. Comparable to box stores prices and high-end quality, Victory Closets is a customizable organizational solution system that can transform a dysfunctional space.  Closet designer Tammy Chubb comments, “It (Victory Closets) is a modular system – you can easily move your shelves, drawers, rods, etc. to different locations without using any tools or fasteners”. With the ability to move your shelves without using any tools give you an extra excuse to buy the new pair of shoes or even to embrace the minimalism movement if you have not already. Available in three different colors, (white, driftwood, & espresso), this closet system can marry any design style already present in your home.

Walk-in clothing closets are not the only application that this organization unit can work in. The KbE team has used Victory Closets’ product in linen closets, pantries & even tight reach-in closet spaces as part of kitchen and bath renovation projects. Chubb mentions, “You can get double the amount of hanging space that you can from a traditional single pole closet shelf”. Items such as tie racks, valet rods and hamper drawers are growing in popularity as more and more people are embracing functional solutions for their closet. Even if the minimalist trend is not in the cards for you, organization still can be.

Looking for more information on a modular closet system built with your wardrobe in mind or a mudroom? Request a free quote from our friends at Victory Closets.