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Preparing for your Remodel

Contractors, construction crews and most trade services can always expect a spike in business this time of year; our team can certainly attest to this. No matter what time of year you are planning on remodeling your home, here are a few guidelines that will hopefully limit the anxiety you feel when beginning the design and build process.

First, start with figuring out when you would like your project completed. Your end goal will help dictate when you should begin the planning phase. Spring and summer are the most popular times for home projects, especially kitchens. While your kitchen is being put back together and your usual cooking surface is out of commission, cooking on the outdoor grill allows a sense of normalcy to your typical routine. Also, most vacations are planned in the summer. Let’s face it, remodeling is stressful and being away for a week or two at the beach can settle the anxious nerves construction can bring.

“How long do kitchen and bathroom projects typically take?”. The scope of your project will certainly dictate the amount of time your project will last. However, most hall/master bathrooms take between 5-7 weeks while most full kitchen remodels take between 8-10 weeks. Make sure to check in with your design and build team to see how many weeks they expect for your specific scope.

Once you have determined when you would like to have your project completed, it’s time to start the planning phase. Most companies begin with an initial meeting to discuss and review the chosen space, gather measurements and outline budgetary needs. This amount of time can vary from company to company and is dependent on the time of year, but typically this process takes 3-6 weeks. The outcome of this first step includes various design layouts, preliminary selection ideas and a healthy range of cost.

Committing to a final design begins the second phase of the planning process. At this time, you will be finalizing every detail of your project: layout, fixtures, finishes, cost, structural needs, and any additional mechanical needs to allow your space to be transformed. This stage of the process is typically the longest portion and is based on how quickly or how slowly you settle on decisions. On average this can take 1-3 months. At KbE we encourage you to take your time during this process to ensure you are getting the dream you have envisioned for years.

Next comes a very important question: “How far out is the production schedule, once I have finalized everything?”. Products have a lot to do with this answer. For example, cabinetry manufacturers generally have a 6-8 week lead time. This timeline directly impacts the way companies schedule their projects.

If summertime is your ideal time for your new space to be completed, we would suggest starting the planning process in late December early January. There is no such thing as being too prepared or planning too early. A rushed planning process will be reflected in the final product. As you interview design teams for your next project, be sure to keep these timelines in mind.